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Cartoonist, illustrator, writer and all around storyteller. Originally from Princeton, NJ, and currently a Brooklyn-ite.

I believe in the power of stories to build empathy, tolerance and understanding. As a storyteller, I am interested in communities of women, family legacies, immigration and history, with a focus on Latinx identity and culture. My stories are also shaped by the exploration of wilderness, urban spaces, and the juxtaposition of both, as well as ghosts, humor, folktales, quotidian magic, and a love of flora and fauna.

Graduate of Sarah Lawrence College (Political Science, Latin American Studies, and Visual Arts) and the Center for Cartoon Studies, where I earned an MFA and also undertook an independent study in book binding and repair at the Dartmouth College Library.

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For some behind the scenes work and lots of dogs, check out my instagram: sassymiento